RTRP PIPES (Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe), also refers to as GRP or FRP PIPES, are designed for use in normal to aggressive environments with wide temperature range.

The following are standard applications for GRP pipes:

Raw and potable water

Oily sewerFire fighting

Cooling water and other

Fiberglass molded gratings are available in a variety of resins (depending upon the area of application) and custom colors, depths, panel sizes and mesh configurations. Surface options includes a grit top to give slip resistant walking. We offer molded grating solution with following basic properties;

Corrosion Resistant

Bi-directional Strength

Slip Resistant

Low Maintenance requirement

High Strength to Weight Ratio

Fire Retardant


Impact Resistant

Long Service Life

Fiberglass pultruded gratings are manufactured with a high durability due to unidirectional strength and stiffness to make it the ideal solution for application where longer support spans are required. It provides corrosion resistance, long service life, low maintenance and the low cost of installation. Longer life span with low maintenance proves it to be the best option in chemically effected areas. It gives the user following basic benefits;

Corrosion Resistance

Slip Resistance

Fire Retardant nature

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio


Low Installation Cost

Long Service Life

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