About Us

Petroworks Oil&Gas (MY) is a procurement specialist company to supplying and fabricating equipment, components and maintenance products to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Energy and water industries.

Our main goal is to supply Petrochemical, Oil, Gas and water industries with components and equipment at the lowest price in the quickest time. We understand that our customers usually require bespoke and flexible solutions, that’s why Petroworks O&G (MY) will work with you to ensure that meet all your procurement needs.

We offer competitive worldwide tendering across a broad range of products and services to internationally developed and recognised standards and codes.

Petroworks O&G (MY) the highest quality services and products worldwide from a list of approved manufacturers and delivers to our clients globally. Our expediting and logistics function focuses on the goods arriving at the required location at the required time.

We have an established customer base in a number of different territories including the Middle East and Europe. We supply to many different industries such as oilfields, refineries, power stations and water companies.